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1/2 BEEF

1/2 BEEF

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Enjoy our Beef as much as we do? Fill your family's freezer! 

No need to wait, our Beef Shares are ready for your grill! We've made it simple for you to purchase a half of a beef. See below for the assortment and amount of beef you will be purchasing.

To ensure that we provide a satisfactory experience, not only are our cattle custom-fed a Premium grass-fed, grain-finished diet, they are also hand-selected by us to guarantee the highest quality of meat available. Each carcass goes through a 21-day aging process allowing for tender and flavorful Premium Beef. Our steaks are cut into 1-inch steaks by our master butchers, conveying each bite to be full of flavor. 


Pick-Up in Fruitland, ID or direct from the butcher available if we have not already picked it up.


Approximate cut % for a Half Beef include the following


 25% Steaks (Ribeye, T-Bone, Sirloin) 

35% Roasts & Misc cuts

40% Ground Beef

Total Amount of Meat for your freezer Approximately 160-200lbs 

Half Beef is set up to be cut at a Standard Cut Sheet with 1-inch steaks. 


Costs you should expect: 

$4.25/lb for hanging carcass weight + taxes.    

Our whole carcasses range approximately 800-900lbs.  Our Half Beef would be half of that. 

*This is an estimate of weight, every animal is different. Cuts & quantities of meat will depend on the animal. 

*Please note, approximately 60% off the hanging weight will be what you take home.